Strategy, Flexibility, and change

At Lovol Ltd., we understand that improvement is essential, not an option.  We help companies of all sizes respond to industry changes in order that they stay competitive.  We're based in the United States, and our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.  Lovol consultants are ready to help you come up with strategies for surviving into the future.


Let us help you achieve the loftiest goals your business deserves.  We're waiting for your call, and we're excited to work with you. 

Julián roldán


With 20+ years in the BPO industry learning the strengths, weaknesses, and specializations of leading outsource call center, cloud-based contact center, and software solutions, Julian established Lovol Ltd., BPO Consultants.  Lovol is uniquely positioned to assist clients through the entire process of selecting outsource call center partners and cloud-based contact center software solutions.  

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Kristen Carn roldán


With extensive knowledge of business development practices and marketing, Kristen joins Julián to launch Lovol Ltd., BPO Consultants. Lovol Ltd. offers consulting services to companies looking to partner with the right Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that will effectively reduce costs and increase profit margins. Together with Julián, Kristen will connect your company with BPO companies that offer diverse services.

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221 W. Philadelphia St., Ste. #45
York, Pennsylvania 17401


Julián Roldá​n  

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Kristen Carn Roldán

+1 717 817 7421

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