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growth in the healthcare industry is changing the way providers offer services and integrate new technology.  With the rapid changes, providers, Prescription benefit managers, and hospital groups realize that third party solutions  could save money and time.  The result of advances in both healthcare and the tech industry has helped companies realize new opportunities and reasons for expansion.   

Choose from a variety of services or solutions offered by the top BPO companies.  Services such as claim support, provider Network support, patient referral services, nurse-based services, sales support medical transcription are helping companies refocus their priorities and realize 

resources to address problems areas.   

Let us help you achieve the loftiest goals you have set for your business..  We’re waiting for your call!  We are excited to work with you.

Achieve your goals 

lOVOl LTD., Business Process Outsource (BPO) Consultants offers a range of development services to fit your business's growing inbound/outbound outsource needs. Whether you’re a small, medium business or a large multinational corporation, we can help you reduce costs, reduce risk, and succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how lOVOl LTD., BPO Consultants can work for you.


Advising - As your advisers, we identify issues before they become problems and share our insights with your stakeholders.  When necessary, we raise our concerns in a helpful way to address your issues.  We strive to erase threats and eliminate difficulties for your work items and smooth relations with your clients.  We will show you our strength and commitment to translating multiple perspectives to make your partnerships successful.  


Sales -  What we do - we sell BPO services and business solutions to U.S. based companies.  First, we build rapport between you and a vendor to establish a trusting relationship.  We then communicate your goals and offer our insights to better meet your specific needs.  We clarify hidden problems and work to establish a buyer-centered purpose.  We demonstrate vendor capability to meet your goals and motivate you to implement desired solutions.


Referrals - We recommend vendors to become your business partners.  We target fitting outsourcing companies that are not only compatible in size, capability, management style, and resources, but are comparable in success, cultural values, and cost savings capability.  we work continuously to improve your business outcomes as you grow your company, because we are committed to addressing your business needs.  we find responsible BPO's that realize business goals, so that you realize your business dreams.


Managed Partnerships -we handle the challenges, address the problems, and manage your business relationships.  We are Able to handle difficulties as they arise and before they become big mistakes.  As we Work to smooth transitions, we ask the pertinent questions and get you the results you deserve.  lovol consultants can anticipate problems and can address confrontations in a timely manner to bring focus to the changes that will benefit you.  


Business Development - We put our years of experience at your disposal.  We help you to discover ways to drive your particular market by addressing your workflow issues.  We manage to tackle the mounting costs associated with research by consolidating the time, cost, and effort it takes to transform years of experience into marketable products and services.  We find ways to marry vendors to companies, understanding your need to stabilize relationships. 


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. Call us now to find out!


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