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Offering advising, sales, and referral services to help develop, market, and manage your Business Process Outsource (BPO) partnerships.  Our distinguished team of consultants is led by Julián Roldá​n, a veteran of the industry, and is hand selected for extensive industry knowledge, integrity, and track record of success. 


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Julián roldán


With over 20 years experience, Julian has the industry insight, results-driven reputation, vision, and compassion to manage your business partnerships and get the results you demand.  


Since graduating from the University of Massachusetts and wharton school of business, Julian has succeeded in proliferating dozens of multinational billion

dollar corporations. 

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221 W. Philadelphia St., Ste. #45
York, Pennsylvania 17401


Julián Roldá​n  

+1 717 781 9585

Kristen Carn Roldán

+1 717 817 7421

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